We are moving!

In September we are moving 100 metres down the hill. We may still be able to offer B&B occasionally at Orwell View Barns.

Give us a ring or text 07887 941921, or contact us.

Hill House: Green Policy

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

We seek to minimise the risk of possible pollution in our policies and activities. As part of our commitment to continuous environmental improvement, Hill House uses a Klargester bio disc sewage treatment plant and heating and hot water is supplied by a low carbon biomass wood chip boiler.

We comply with the requirements of environmental legislation and approved codes of practice and work closely with the Suffolk Coast & Heaths Estuaries Management Group and other conservation organisations to enhance the biodiversity of the farm which is in Natural England's Higher Level Stewardship scheme. 110 acres of our permanent pasture are within the internationally acclaimed Orwell estuary SSSI and about 345 acres are within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Within these areas can be found at least 8 species listed in the BAP. In 2007 we were awarded the Suffolk Farming & Wildlife Group's Farm Conservation Award.

  • We live in one of the driest corners of the country and are conscious of the need to conserve water.
  • We have installed water butts for car and boot washing and irrigation of plants and are looking into the possibilities of grey water harvesting. We hope you will help us in this by using water carefully during your stay.
  • All our washing, and pressing is carried out in house and where possible every item is dried naturally keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum.
  • Low energy light bulbs and recycled paper products are used where possible.
  • We recycle about 80% of our waste using the various schemes available, and we encourage sustainable tourism by providing for walkers and cyclists; there are beautiful walks along the river bank to the pubs and marinas and local crafts people and we have bicycles for you borrow so there is plenty to do without stepping into your car.
  • We support local businesses and charities and Richard is Chairman of Shotley Parish Council.

At Hill House B & B we encourage guests to consider their environmental impact and where possible to:

  • Use water wisely;
  • Conserve energy by switching off lights and line drying the laundry;
  • Adhere to the Countryside Code and look after our estuaries;
  • Support the local food producers / restaurants by recommendation;

The heating scheme was part funded by the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) and received support from the Suffolk Coast & Heaths AONB Sustainable Development Fund.

We welcome suggestions from our customers as to how we can improve our environmental policy and protect the environment and increase the enjoyment of your stay.

Hazel Wrinch